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This team was just not the same this year all around, maybe getting so close to the super bowl and falling short has finally taken its toll. It has to sting a little, but you have to have adversity and dedication to survive in this league. Unfortunately, the offense didn’t per form consistently enough this year either.

Vishal Agarwal
  I’m a 270 with a 50 in chest and 38 waist and it fits great

Daisy Cristina Correia
  I bought this for my 17 year old to take on a trip to Universal Studios in 2 weeks. The neon green/black combo is his favorite and I wanted a shirt for him that would be good looking, comfortable, and moisture wicking. Ive been burned soooo many times on Amazon I was reluctant to spend this much money but, thanks to the review from Aristo G. Duenas and others, i took a chance.
This shirt is amazing! Gorgeous color, super-soft, and immaculate stitching and detail. Way superior to similar items I saw at Hibbetts Sports and places like that. I cannot recommend this shirt more, and the price turns out to be a steal, an Underarmour shirt that lacked this shirts visual interest was $15 more! If in doubt, buy it anyway. You wont be disappointed!!!!!

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