Best Fitness Wristband for under £50 – Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet

Overview – Best Fitness Wristband for under £50

Are you looking for the best fitness wristband for less than £50? With many of the latest GPS devices offering fitness tracking functionality, we decided to take a look at a low cost alternative, the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Wristband. With a price tag currently under £50, this is a great option for yourself or as a gift idea. Let’s take a quick look at what it has to offer.

The Garmin Vivofit

No matter how dedicated we are to pursuing our health and fitness goals, it’s easy to lose a little motivation sometimes, especially when we’re not accurately tracking our progress. Putting a number on your progress can give you a real boost, and help you target what’s working and what isn’t. The vívofit can really boost your fitness motivation and progress. It presents you with a personalised daily goal, it tracks your achievements and alerts you when it’s time to move and get active. In fact, the vívofit actually learns your current activity level, then it provides you with an achievable daily goal. As you meet your milestones, your vívofit will adjust your goal for the next day, gradually encouraging you toward a healthier lifestyle.

Extended periods of inactivity in your day, such as sitting at your desk, lowers your body’s production of fat burning enzymes. but by engaging in frequent, short walks and activity throughout your day you can reverse this effect.

The vivofit fitness tracker converts the number of daily steps you take into an equivalent mileage, and you have the option of calibrating your length of pace by inputting how many steps it takes you to cover ten feet. The accuracy out of the box is excellent without this calibration however.

Fitness wristbands are becoming increasingly popular as a discreet way of tracking your daily activity levels, and unlike mobile phones, pedometers and other devices which can be forgotten or won’t track you if they are not being carried, you can simply slip a fitness wristband on and pretty much forget about it. The Garmin vívofit has a 1 year battery life, so you don’t have to remember to charge it every few days or weeks like other devices. Since its also waterproof and tracks your sleep, you rarely ever need to take the band off your wrist, so there’s no risk of forgetting to put it back on again.

The physical device

The first thing is the style and physical quality of this wristband. It looks good and will stay secure no matter the activity. The device is waterproof to 50 metres so taking a shower or swimming are fine. The display shows your steps taken, goal and your calories burned, all on an easy-to-read screen. And of course, the Garmin Vivofit also shows the time. The band come in various sizes too, so you can find the perfect fit for your wrist. The Vivofit is available in a bunch of colours – black, purple, teal, blue, slate or red, and you can buy an accessory pack of different coloured bands if you want to have a change.

Best Fitness Wristband Black

Best Fitness Wristband Purple

Best Fitness Wristband Teal

Best Fitness Wristband Blue

Best Fitness Wristband Slate

Best Fitness Wristband Red

Heart Rate Monitor

One clever trick this device also has up it’s sleeve is the ability to pair with a heart rate monitor. This means you can monitor your activity levels very accurately when running, training at the gym, etc, and upload them for analysis on Garmin connect. We like this functionality a lot as it adds a whole extra dimension that’s missing form other wristbands. Yet another reason we think this is one of the best fitness wristbands around right now.

Best Fitness Wristband


With the use of a single button, you can wirelessly sync your Vívofit with Garmin Connect. You can use the mobile app and your phone’s bluetooth, or download Garmin Express to your computer, and use the ANT+ usb stick that comes with your wristband to sync via your PC. By uploading your data to Garmin Connect, you can join online challenges with other Vívofit users, or start your own competition with friends to compete for virtual badges, etc. You can see your total sleep hours too, as well as periods of movement and sleep. There is also a really useful ability to link to MyFitnessPal, the free calorie counter. This means you can track calories burned and consumed through one of the biggest food and nutrition databases in the world. Its easy to link your Garmin Connect and MyFitnessPal accounts, monitoring your net count for the remainder of the day based on your own calorie goals.

Here’s a summary of our favorite bits of the Garmin Vivofit wristband
  • The Vivofit can be linked to a Heart Rate Monitor, so you can monitor your heart rate as you run. Additionally, the Vivofit works with any ANT+ straps so if you already own one of those, you can use it wiht this device.
  • Vivofit works with Garmin Connect so if you already use a Garmin it is possible to integrate the vivofit with your other data
  • power comes from watch batteries and should last around 1 year, rather than charging with USB every few days or weeks as with other devices
  • The vivofit is waterproof so it’s great for swimmers
  • The display is on permanently and you can toggle through steps (daily total), goal (steps remaining), distance covered (in miles or kilometers), calories burned, time, date and heart rate (when connected via HRM strap). This is customisable through the website
  • Daily goal is automatically set based on your performance to date (this can be manually overridden)
  • Setting up the vivofit is easy, as is syncing is via USB dongle on your computer or via the Garmin connect app. There are also video tutorials available online and easy to follow instructions on Garmin’s website
  • The wristband clasp itself is very secure
  • The Vivofit as a red inactivity bar which highlights when you have been inactive for an hour or so, and this really does work as an indicator of when it’s a good idea for you to get active and move around.
  • Keeping count of your sleeping hours is simple, and it’s really useful to see if you’re getting enough sleep each night

Best Fitness Tracker


The Garmin Vivofit is an unobtrusive, secure and effective fitness wristband. The display is clear and easy to read, and using the band is simple thanks to the single button that you use to scroll through the different pages. If you want to keep track of how many calories you are burning, benefit from goals and join online challenges then the Vivofit is a superb choice of tracker device. It can also be an excellent option to compliment other training GPS devices that may not have some of the Vivofit’s functionality.

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With current offer prices under £50 we highly recommend this as the best fitness wristband available right now.

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