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Ice Climbing

With so much choice available it can be difficult to select the best GPS device for your needs. Over recent years I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in all sorts of outdoor activities from competing in Ironman UK, Mountaineering in the Alps and Rock climbing in Yosemite. I also love cycling and regularly take part in sportive events as well as cycling on my daily commute. You can read about some of my adventures on my blog at nolifeisordinary.com.

Ironman UK

When I started using portable GPS units as part of my outdoor activities I was amazed at just how beneficial they can be. I spent a long time researching different devices, and with so much information out there I thought I’d create this website to try to help others who are thinking of buying one too.

You’ll notice links to Amazon throughout the site. I’m an amazon affiliate, which means if you click through to Amazon from any link on these pages I get a little back from Amazon as a thank you which helps support this website. And even better, I doesn’t cost you anything at all. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a GPS device or even just checking out more user reviews on Amazon then clicking through from one of the links on here would be very much appreciated!


Hope you find the information on here useful and please feel free to leave comments or get in touch via the contact us page.